Think Corner booking terms

See our booking terms before requesting a space.

1 Subject of agreement

1.1 Think Corner is a University of Helsinki facility that makes the University’s research and education available to the general public. The University rents Think Corner premises and provides other Services per separate agreement to the University community, stakeholders and others (the latter group referred to hereafter as Client or Clients).

These booking terms apply to all agreements between the University of Helsinki and the Client on the use of Services. The Client accepts these terms by submitting the electronic contact form available on the Think Corner website, or separately (e.g., via email).

The University of Helsinki reserves the right to change these booking terms as well as the price list.

2 Events at Think Corner

2.1. All events organised in the Think Corner event facilities are open to the public and, as a rule, free of charge to the participants. The event facilities can be rented out to Clients. Events can be organised during Think Corner’s opening hours.

2.2 The University of Helsinki decides on a case-by-case basis whether its facilities can be made available to Clients. The nature of each event must be in line, as determined by the University, with the University’s values and general moral principles. Events must also be suitable, as determined by the University, for the Think Corner service vision and mission.
Activities that cannot be organised at Think Corner:

  • Party-political or religious events
  • Commercial events that directly compete with the University’s activities (e.g., seminars, training and courses subject to a fee)
  • Events for the exclusive purpose of selling or promoting a product
  • Other events that the University considers unsuited to be organised at Think Corner

3 Making, confirming or cancelling a booking

3.1 A booking can be made by submitting Think Corner's electronic contact form and accepting the booking terms.

3.2 Think Corner event facilities can be booked for the customer service hours. Exceptional hours and additional costs must be agreed separately. A facility booked by the Client will be made available in accordance with a timetable separately agreed by the Client and the University.

Facilities can only be used for the agreed purpose and only by the Client, as specified when making the booking. Clients cannot sublet some or all of the facilities to third parties or otherwise make the facilities available to others.

3.3 Clients booking facilities must state their name and the name of the person responsible for the event, and provide billing and reference information and their Business Identity Code (if the Client is from outside the University of Helsinki).

3.4 The University of Helsinki confirms the Client's booking by email. Confirmed bookings are binding and can only be cancelled in the manner described below.

3.5 Reservation at Stage can be cancelled free of charge four weeks prior to the event. The other spaces can be cancelled up to two weeks before the event. Cancellations that are made later will result in the facility rent being charged in full. The terms of cancellation for additional paid services are determined by the relevant service provider (e.g., Compass Group and Unigrafia), and the Client agrees to these terms when confirming an order of additional services.

3.6 The University of Helsinki reserves the right to cancel an event or move it to another date if the event cannot be organised due to a Force Majeure (see section 7.5) or because the nature of the event is unsuited to Think Corner’s mission (see section 2.2).

4 Pricing and billing

4.1 Members of the University community: Think Corner facilities are chargeable. Stage's price is valued at A10, Fönster and Think Lounge A7. Exceptional hours can be agreed with Think Corner on a case-by-case basis, with the Client paying the related expenses. Additional services are subject to charges.

Other Clients: Prices include VAT at 24%. Basic prices are not valid during holidays. Additional services are subject to charges.

4.2 Clients must provide their billing information when making the booking. Invoices are payable in 14 days. Changes to the terms of payment are possible only in exceptional cases. All changes must be agreed in a centralised manner with the service provider. Billing is based on the amount specified in the order confirmation. However, if the Client and the University of Helsinki have agreed to change the amount after the order confirmation was sent, billing will be based on the final amount. The complaint period is seven days from the date of the invoice.

4.3 Services include basic cleaning of the facilities by the University of Helsinki after the event. If special cleaning is also needed (e.g., cleaning up broken glass, vomit, liquids or similar), the Client will be charged for the actual costs incurred.

4.4 Think Corner offers additional services subject to charges (such as security services and video and other audiovisual support) as required by each event. The providers of additional services bill Clients directly, with some exceptions.

5 Facility rules and safety and security

5.1 The University of Helsinki and the Client agree to comply with valid legislation concerning safety and security as well as with Think Corner’s facility rules and instructions for event safety and security.

5.2 The University of Helsinki is responsible for the general supervision and security of event facilities, but not for damage to, or loss of, the Client's property, structures or similar items the Client has brought to the facilities. The Client is always responsible for the receipt, use and oversight of the above in the facilities.

5.3 The Client must take into account the restrictions of a public space when planning and setting up events. All matters relating to planning, setting up and decorating must be discussed with Think Corner representatives. The Client is responsible for the costs of implementing the plan approved by Think Corner.

5.4 The Client agrees that the persons responsible for safety and security at Think Corner/the University of Helsinki can suspend an event in exceptional circumstances, such as a disturbance, violence or fire.

6 Food and alcohol

6.1 Compass Group FS (Tiedekulma Cafe) holds the licence to sell alcohol and offer catering at Think Corner. These booking terms do not apply to the services of Tiedekulma Cafe. Guests or hosts cannot bring or drink their own alcoholic beverages. Clients must order any food or alcohol to be served from Tiedekulma Cafe (inquiries:

7 Responsibilities

7.1 Rented facilities and movable property in them are available to the Client during the rental period. If the building or any movable property in it are damaged or property goes missing during the rental period, the Client is responsible in full for the damage caused by its actions to the University of Helsinki. 

7.2 The Client must obtain the appropriate official permits required by the Client's event as well as the necessary and comprehensive insurance coverage for any damages. The University of Helsinki's liability insurance only covers damages caused by the actions of Think Corner or its staff or by Think Corner equipment and buildings to third parties.

7.3 The Client is responsible for the appropriate preliminary inspection of any films, pictorial material or other programmes or recordings the Client presents in the facilities as well as for any payments and other lawful practices under copyright law. The pictorial and video material must belong to those presenting it, as required by copyright law. Think Corner reserves the right to not present material that violates copyright law. The Client's presentations cannot disturb the events of other Clients or Think Corner. The distribution of printed products is only permitted in the facility rented by the Client.

The Client is responsible for explaining to presenters that Think Corner sessions are recorded and/or live-streamed.

7.4. The University of Helsinki/Think Corner reserves unlimited user rights to the video and pictorial material they produce. In this context, user rights encompass the right to broadcast event recordings and/or compilations in online environments (websites, YouTube) and social media (Facebook, Twitter) or more generally in marketing Think Corner. Recordings will not be provided to third parties without the permission of the organiser and presenters.

7.5 The University of Helsinki is not responsible for damages incurred by the Client for reasons the University cannot influence if the University was unable to avoid or overcome the consequences by reasonable means (“Force Majeure”). Such situations include a strike, a shut-out, a public transport standstill, a fire or a power failure. Moreover, the University of Helsinki is not responsible for damage incurred by the Client due to the Client's order being cancelled or moved as a result of a Force Majeure situation.

7.6. The University of Helsinki is not responsible for any indirect damage incurred by the Client, and the University's overall responsibility to the Client is limited to the total price of the Services ordered by the Client.

8 Complaints

8.1 If a problem occurs, the Client must contact Think Corner staff to ensure that any deficiencies can be addressed as soon as possible.

8.2 If the Client is unable to complain to Think Corner about a problem during the event in question, the Client must present the complaint within five days of the conclusion of the event. Complaints must be submitted in writing (e.g., by  email).

9 Applicable legislation

These terms are subject to Finnish legislation. Any disputes arising from the terms will be definitively settled by the District Court of Helsinki.

The booking terms are updated on the 18.2.2022. Changes may apply.