Out of sight, out of mind? International migration and family ties in Philippines

RESEARCH CAFÉ September 7 with Guest Scholar Maruja M.B. Asis: Out of sight, out of mind? International migration and family ties in the Philippines.

Guest Scholar Maruja M.B Asis (Director of Scalabrini Migration Centre, Quezon, Philippines) will give a talk entitled “Out of sight, out of mind? International migration and family ties in the Philippines” at a research café at Soc&kom September 7 2017.

Decades of temporary labor migration from the Philippines has created transnational families, resulting in changes in living arrangements and the reconfiguration of family ties. The separation of migrant workers and their families is a persisting concern, raising anxieties about the negative impact of migration on family relationships and family welfare, especially the care of children ‘left-behind’.

In her presentation, Ms. Asis will discuss the family context of migration decisions; the impact of international migration on family structure and family relationships; and focus on the parental migration and the ‘children left-behind. She will share the approach and main findings regarding selected aspects of health and well-being of the Child Health and Migrant Parents in Southeast Asia (CHAMPSEA-Philippines) study.

Dr. Sanna Saksela-Bergholm, researcher at Soc&kom, will comment on the presentation. Her current study focuses on the Filipino labour migrants’ working and living conditions and their transnational ties and practices. She will also discuss the significance of migration and socioeconomic remittances in the lives of family members ‘left behind’ in the Philippines. Her presentation ‘The price of migration: The significance of remittances in the lives of the family members “left behind” in the Philippines’ is based on her field work. Her study is part of a research project funded by the Academy of Finland: “Transnationalism as a Social Resource among Diaspora Communities”.

Soc&kom’s Research Café

Thursday, 7th September 2017, 14:15
Soc&kom, room: 234, Snellmaninkatu 12


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