Leadership and organisation

The rector and the board of the Swedish School of Social Science are responsible for its decision-making and leadership.

Rector Tuomas Martikainen

The rector manages the operations of the Swedish School of Social Science and is responsible for carrying out its duties efficiently, economically and effectively. The rector has overall responsibility for the School’s human resources and financial affairs as well as assets.

Contact information
tfn 040 592 42 02

Vice-rector Elina Oinas
In charge of research and stand in for rector if needed
Professor in Sociology

Contact information
tfn 050 448 56 41

Vice-rector Anna Henning-Lindblom
In charge of academic affairs
University lecturer in i social psychology

Contact information
phone +35850 415 4569

Vice-rector Jenny Stenberg-Sirén
In charge of of community relations 
University lecturer in journalism

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The board is the School’s highest decision-making organ and comprises the rector, who chairs the board, nine student and staff members, a member appointed by the University, and two external members. The vice-rectors have the right to be present at board meetings and to exercise their right to speak.

The term of office of the board is four calendar years; however, the student members are selected for a term of two calendar years at a time.

The duties of the board include the following:

  • Selecting the rector and vice-rector(s) and deciding on the vice-rectors’ duties
  • Approving the regulations of the School
  • Developing the School’s operations and making proposals and issuing statements in matters relevant to the School
  • Approving a target programme as well as the related budget and human resources plan of the School
  • Deciding on the curriculum and the degree regulations
  • Deciding on the number of students admitted to the School as well as the admissions criteria
  • Deciding on matters delegated by the rector to the board

Members and substitutes of the board 2022-2025

Chair of the board rector Tuomas Martikainen

  • Journalist Jens Berg
    (sub. director Saara Pellander)

  • Manager Niklas Wilhelmsson
    (sub. secretary general Vertti Kiukas)

  • Professor Helena Blomberg-Kroll
    (sub. professor Elina Oinas)

  • Professor Jaana Hujanen
    (sub. professor Jan-Erik Lönnqvist)

  • Professor Suvi Keskinen
    (sub. professor Stefan Sjöblom)

  • Professor Marjaana Seppänen (UH)
    (sub. professor Åsa von Schoultz (UH))

  • University lecturer Kim Zilliacus
    (sub. university lecturer Kanerva Kuokkanen)

  • University lecturer Beata Segercrantz
    (suppl. university instructor Martin Björklund)

  • Educational planning officer Sofia Heikel-Virkkunen
    (sub. specialist Christa Mäkinen)

  • Student Tuukka Kainulainen (2022-2023)
    (sub. student Liinu Inkeroinen)

  • Student Lina Frostdahl (2022-2023)
    (sub. student Selja Taipale)

  • Student Julia Rehn (2022-2023)
    (sub. student Elin Nyqvist)