International research cooperation

The School’s researchers and teachers participate actively in a variety of international research programmes, networks and projects. The Nordic context has a central role in both teaching and research at the Swedish School of Social Science. The systems of visiting researchers and professors, and for the School specific International Readers and Visiting Research Fellows contracts connect internationally acclaimed researchers and professors to the Swedish School of Social Science. These visiting scholars represent research areas which support the School's research profile.

International Readers

The International Reader system connects internationally acclaimed researchers and professors to the School for a period of one to three years. During their term, the International Readers visit the Swedish School of Social Science for three-to-four-week periods every year to teach and participate in research in their speciality fields.

The International Readers also serve as experts and contact people for the Swedish School of Social Science, and are a valuable resource for the students at the School as well as for the academic community. The researchers teach at the Bachelor’s and Master's levels, and supervise doctoral education and research seminars, also in cooperation with other units of the University of Helsinki.

The goal of International Readers is to develop and maintain researcher contacts and research cooperation on a permanent basis, even after the researcher’s term at the Swedish School of Social Science is over.

International Readers:

Visiting Research Fellows

Soc&kom has established a system of Visiting Research Fellows (VRF) to complement the system of International Readers. A Visiting Research Fellow is a post doctoral researcher who cooperates with ongoing research projects or networks at Soc&kom.

The aim with the system of Visiting Research Fellow is to make use of existing networks, maintain research contacts, exchange ideas and create new networks and research projects in relevant fields of research.

Visiting Research Fellow:

  • Natalia Pleshkova (social psychology)