F2k Lab

F2k offers modern physics experiments to high school students and hands-on atmospheric physics / earth systems research experiences to both junior high and high school students. More info coming soon; in the meantime, contact the Physics Education Coordinator!

The F2k laboratory uses experiments to illustrate the phenomena that took scientists from classical physics to contemporary physics. Important themes include the quantisation of light, matter and charge. Experiments on the elementary charge, the charge of an electron and the photoelectric effect relate to the final courses in upper-secondary school, but schools often lack the necessary equipment to stage them.

The laboratory is particularly well suited to upper-secondary school courses on modern physics, but other upper-secondary school groups are welcome to visit. Introductions to the Department of Physics, studies in physics and physics research (e.g., a visit to a research department) can be organised for visiting groups. Visits for educational levels other than upper-secondary schools can only be arranged in exceptional cases.