For Children, the Youth and Families

We offer children and young people, and sometimes the whole family, opportunities to participate in science clubs, camps and workshops – or help them throw a science birthday party. Through us, many University courses are available to upper-secondary school pupils. We are also active online.

Here are presented the models that we offer for children, the youth and families. Aim for all the activities is to inspire children and youth about science and encourage them towards studying in University in the future. Aim is also to offer meaningful activities in the leisure time and to provide positive experiences. Most of our services are in Finnish or in Swedish at the moment.

Science Clubs

Science clubs have been organized since 2003 as interdisciplinary and as focusing on an individual field of science. The clubs have usually some kind of theme around which the activities build a coherent entity. Our clubs get children excited about the sciences and provide them with positive experiences. Clubs are an opportunity for maintaining a long-term science hobby, and they have been meeting on a weekly basis. At the moment we are arranging clubs in chemistry, maths and programming.

Science Camps

Organizing science camps has been a part of the operations since 2004. The camps have been very popular and arranged during school summer breaks, mostly in June. Some of our camps are discipline specific, and some are multidisciplinary theme camps.

Introductory courses for upper secondary school students

Introductory courses are particularly good for upper secondary school pupils who are trying to decide what to study in the future. However, the courses welcome everyone who is interested in the topic. Many of the introductory courses are also MOOCs, online courses available to everyone. You can find some courses in English linked below.