Ideas and materials for climate education from the international Summer Camp for Teachers in Finnish lakeside on August 5th-7th

University of Helsinki Science Education Centre and the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) train teachers from various educational levels and around the world in Teachers' Climate Change Forum (TCCF) 2019 Summer Camp in Finland, on August. Teachers may apply for the Camp by May 5th.

At the Summer Camp, the participants will get acquainted with internationally renowned and appreciated, top-level climate research and researchers in unique Finnish lakeside environment

The aim of the Summer Camp is to develop participants' skills to address climate change and global warming from pedagogically meaningful and diverse perspectives, but also pay attention in different beliefs and attitudes.

The Summer Camp provides participants with various useful practical tips, ideas and materials for implementing climate context into everyday teaching.

The Summer Camp provides added value to the Teachers' Climate Change Forum 2019 Online Course.

All interested teachers are welcomed to apply for the camp by May 5th. The applicants will be notified, whether they have been selected, in late May.

The Summer Camp is partly funded by the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation.