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Summer jobs provide a chance to participate in experimental and computational studies and other tasks relevant to our research projects. Open positions are announced on the website of the Department of Physics. The application period is typically in January.

Other research jobs are announced on the University of Helsinki recruitment page.

Relevant courses:

We are an integral part of the Doctoral Programme in Materials Research and Nanosciences (MATRENA) and Master's Programme in Materials Research (MATRES).

    Thesis and laboratory work topics

    Topics are available in English and in Finnish.

    B.Sc. thesis

    Topic Instructor/Contact
    Superconductivity and magnetism Simo Huotari
    X-ray diffraction methods Kirsi Svedström
    Properties of 2D materials (e.g. graphene, MoS2) Simo Huotari
    Bio- and natural polymers Kirsi Svedström
    Application of a 2D Timepix detector in spectroscopy Simo Huotari
    X-ray absorption spectroscopy for nuclear materials René Bes

    M.Sc. thesis

    Topic Instructor/contact
    Resonant X-ray emission spectroscopy at laboratory scale René Bes
    High resolution PIXE for nuclear safety René Bes
    MicroCT analysis of the structure of fibrous meat analogues Heikki Suhonen

    Advanced laboratory works

    Topic Instructor/contact
    Measuring the spectrum of an X-ray tube Simo Huotari
    Experimental study on the relation between imaging time and SNR in microtomography Heikki Suhonen
    Powder diffraction Simo Huotari
    X-ray diffraction and/or study of natural polymers Kirsi Svedström
    X-ray absorpion spectroscopy René Bes
    Previous M.Sc. theses from our lab