3rd International Vlasiator Science Hackathon, 19-23 August 2019

We would like to welcome our guests to our 3rd hackathon! Science hackathon is a workshop with a very tight schedule rules - but on the other hand it is very much fun, and extremely fruitful. The concept is based on a lot of reading about psychology and brain health, and the schedule is tailored with those in mind!

The 3rd International Vlasiator Science Hackathon will take place at Kumpula Campus on 19-23 August 2019.

Kumpula Campus

Kumpula Campus is easily accessible by bus from the city centre. Bus lines 55, 71, 75, 77 and 717, 722, 730-745 departing from the Central Railway Station drive past the Campus.

Picture: Anni Järvenpää


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