Tropical Forestry Reports

Tropical Forestry Reports

No. 54

Córdova, Raúl. 2020. Climate change adaptation in smallholder agroforestry systems in the Northern Andes of Ecuador: A case study in the Indigenous Territory of Kayambi People. Doctoral thesis.

No. 53

Arvola, Anne. 2020. Key factors in the enabling environment for smallholder tree growing – experiences from the Global South. Doctoral thesis.

No. 52

Hassan, Badal. 2020. Trees for sustainable livelihoods in the Horn of Africa: Studies on aromatic resins and other non-wood forest products in Somalia and Kenya. Doctoral thesis.

No. 51

Karambiri, Mawa. 2019. Where is local democracy? In the shadows of global forest policy in Burkina Faso. Doctoral thesis.

No. 50

Salih, Enass Y. A. 2019. Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and antimicrobial activity of Combretum, Terminalia and Anogeissus species (Combretaceae) growing naturally in Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 49

Abaker, Wafa. 2018. Linkages between carbon sequestration, soil fertility and hydrology in dryland Acacia senegal plantations of varying age in Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 48

Fahmi, M. 2017. Climate, trees and agricultural practices: Implications for food security in the semi-arid zone of Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 47

Tegegne, Y. 2016. FLEGT and REDD+ synergies and impacts in the Congo Basin: lessons for global forest governance. Doctoral thesis.

No. 46

Etongo, B.D. 2016. Deforestation and forest degradation in southern Burkina Faso: Understanding the drivers of change and options for revegetation. Doctoral thesis.

No. 45

Kallio, M. 2013. Factors influencing farmers’ tree planting and management activity in four case studies in Indonesia. Doctoral thesis.

No. 44

Negash, M. 2013. The indigenous agroforestry systems of the south-eastern Rift Valley escarpment, Ethiopia: Their biodiversity, carbon stocks and litterfall. Doctoral thesis.

No. 43

Rantala, S. 2013. The winding road from exclusion to ownership: Governance and social outcomes in contemporary forest conservation in northeastern Tanzania. Doctoral thesis.

No. 42

Alam, Syed A. 2013. Carbon stocks, greenhouse gas emissions and water balance of Sudanese savannah woodlands in relation to climate change. Doctoral thesis.

No. 41

Omoro, Loice M.A. 2012. Impacts of indigenous and exotic tree species on ecosystem services : Case study on the mountain cloud forests of Taita Hills, Kenya. Doctoral thesis.

No. 40

Paavola, Marjo. 2012. The Impact of Village Development Funds on Community Welfare in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Doctoral thesis.

No. 39

Fobissie B. Kalame. 2011. Forest governance and climate change adaptation: Case studies of four African countries. Doctoral thesis.

No. 38

Kurt Walter. 2011. Prosopis, an Alien among the Sacred Trees of South India . Doctoral thesis.

No. 37

Roope Husgafvel. 2010. Global and EU governance for sustainable forest management with special reference to capacity building in Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 36

Hares, M., Luukkanen, O. 2008. Research collaboration on responsible Natural Resource Management: The 1st UniPID Workshop. October 2007, University of Helsinki. Finland.

No. 35

Zhou, P. 2008. Landscape-scale soil erosion modelling and ecological restoration for a mountainous watershed in Sichuan, China. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 34

Reyes, T. 2008. Agroforestry systems for sustainable livelihoods and improved land management in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 33

Katila, P. 2008. Devolution of forest-related rights: Comparative analyses of six developing countries. Doctoral thesis.

No. 32

Laxén, J. 2007. Is prosopis a curse or a blessing? – An ecological-economic analysis of an invasive alien tree species in Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 31

Luukkanen, O., Katila, P., Elsiddig, E., Glover, E. K., Sharawi, H. and Elfadl, M. 2006. Partnership between public and private actors in forest-sector development: Options for dryland Africa based on experiences from Sudan, with case studies on Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.

No. 30

Raddad, E.Y.A. 2006. Tropical dryland agroforestry on clay soils: Analysis of systems based on Acacia senegal in the Blue Nile region, Sudan. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 29

Eskonheimo A. 2006. Women, environmental changes and forestry-related development: Gender-affected roles of rural people in land degradation and environmental rehabilitation in a dry region of Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 28

Hares, M. 2006. Community forestry and environmental literacy in northern Thailand: Towards collaborative natural resource management and conservation. Doctoral thesis.

No. 27

Glover, Edinam K. 2005. Tropical dryland rehabilitation: Case study on participatory forest management in Gedaref, Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 26

Gaafar Mohamed, A. 2005. Improvement of traditional Acacia senegal agroforestry: Ecophysiological characteristics as indicators for tree-crop interaction in western Sudan Doctoral thesis.

No. 25

Appiah, M. 2003. Domestication of an indigenous tropical forest tree: Silvicultural and socio-economic studies on Iroko (Milicia excelsa) in Ghana. Doctoral thesis.

No. 24

Eshetu Yirdaw. 2002. Restoration of the native woody-species diversity, using plantation species as foster trees, in the degraded highlands of Ethiopia. Doctoral thesis.

No. 23

Otsamo, A. 2001. Forest plantations on Imperata grassland in Indonesia: Establishment, silviculture and utilization potential. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 22

Koskela, J., Nygren, P., Berninger, F. & Luukkanen, O. 2000. Implications of the Kyoto Protocol for tropical forest management and land use: prospects and pitfalls.

No. 21

Otsamo, R. 2000. Integration of indigenous tree species into fast-growing forest plantations on Imperata grasslands in Indonesia – Silvicultural solutions and their ecological and practical implications. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 20

Koskela, J. 2000. Growth of grass-stage Pinus merkusii seedlings as affected by interaction between structure and function. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 19

Suoheimo, J. 1999. Natural regeneration of sal (Shorea robusta) in the Terai region, Nepal. Doctoral thesis.

No. 18

Li, C. 1999. Drought adaptation and genetic diversity in Eucalyptus microtheca. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 17

Kaarakka, V. & Holmberg, G. 1999. Environmental conflicts and development cooperation with special reference to conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests.

No. 16

El Fadl, M. A. 1997. Management of Prosopis juliflora for use in agroforestry systems in the Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 15

Mustafa, A. F. 1997. Regeneration of Acacia seyal forests on the dryland of the Sudan clay plain. Doctoral thesis.

No. 14

Sharawi, H. A. 1997. Socioeconomic evaluation of land-use alternatives in the Blue Nile flood basin of the Sudan. Doctoral thesis.

No. 13

Tuomela, K. 1997. Physiological and morphological responses of Eucalyptus microtheca provenances to water availability in tropical drylands. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 12

Pipatwattanakul, D. 1996. An analysis of the functional and structural basis of the yield in Eucalyptus camaldulensis progenies grown in Thailand. Doctoral thesis.

No. 11

Ibrahim, A. M. 1996. Genetic variation in Faidherbia albida: Implications for conservation of genetic resources and tree improvement. Doctoral thesis.

No. 10

Johansson, S. 1995. Forestry in irrigated agricultural schemes with special reference to the Bura Irrigation and Settlement Project, Kenya. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 9

Laxén, J., Koskela, J., Kuusipalo, J. & Otsamo, A. (eds.) 1993. Proceedings of the Bura Fuelwood Project research seminar in Nairobi 9–10 March, 1993.

No. 8

Otsamo, A., Laxén, J., Johansson S., Kaarakka, V., Kuusipalo, J., Luukkanen O. & Odhiambo Maua, J. 1993. Forestry research in Bura, Kenya 1984–1993. Final report of the research component in Bura Fuelwood Project.

No. 7

Luukkanen, O. & Hakulinen, M. (eds.) 1991. From Bangkok to the Blue Nile. Review of the first decade of the Tropical Silviculture Research Group 1980–1990 and abstracts of Research reports.

No. 6

Sirikul, W. 1990. Shoot growth and flower development in tropical pines: Studies on genetic and environmental variation. Doctoral thesis (limited distribution).

No. 5

Kaarakka, V., Johansson, S., Luukkanen, O. & Maingi, J. 1990. Forestry in irrigation schemes II. Research activities at Bura, Kenya 1988–89.

No. 4

Johansson, S., Luukkanen, O., Kaarakka, V. & Mulatya, J. 1990. Forestry in irrigation schemes I. Research activities at Bura, Kenya 1984–87.

No. 3

Pietarinen, I. 1989. Agroforestry systems and intergrated land-use in the humid tropics.

No. 2

Salo, T. 1989. Study on export possibilities of mechanical forest industry products from selected Eastern and Southern African countries.

No. 1

Johansson, S. (ed.) 1989. Tutkimus ja kehitysmaiden metsät. Raportti Espoossa 6.–7.10. 1988 pidetystä seminaarista. Forestry research needs in developing countries. Proceedings of seminar held in Espoo 6–7 October 1988 (in Finnish, with an English appendix).