VITRI at the Sustainability Science Days 2019

Sustainability transformations for large-scale tree plantations

Update: A brief report about the event can be found here. Links to the guest presentation can be accessed from the programme below.

The Sustainability Science Days is a conference organized jointly by Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and Aalto Sustainability Hub (ASH). The focus of the days is on the usefulness of sustainability science for decision making on various arenas – the political sphere, companies, and institutions of higher education. The thematic focus of the days is on sustainable consumption and production, which is the Sustainable Development Goal # 12 (SDG) where Finland’s performance according to the SDG needs to be considerably improved.

VITRI, in coordination with Aalto members, is hosting a paralell session titled: Sustainability transformations in the large-scale tree plantation sector. The programme includes the following presentations:

9:30 Opening  Jorma Eloranta, Chair of the Board, StoraEnso & Chair of the Honorary Delegation, Aalto University Student Union.
9:35 Global overview and Finnish context. Professor Markku Kanninen, Director, Viikki Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI), University of Helsinki (UH).
9:40 What are the main opportunities, challenges, research gaps and needs related to large scale tree plantation sector – the entire supply chain? (facilitated group discussion)
9:50 Perspectives: What supports or prevents sustainability?
Challenges, opportunities, research gaps, needs and ideas are discussed in presentations & facilitated discussion.

11:15 How to meet the goals and fill the gaps together? What do we expect from the different actors? (facilitated group discussion)
11:40 Closing


Nicholas Hogarth (Univ. of Helsinki), nicholas.hogarth(at)
Paula Siitonen (Aalto University), paula.siitonen(at)