Making chocolate truly sustainable

Publication as part of the latest ETFRN news "Zero deforestation: a commitment to change"

The latest ETFRN news (Zero deforestation: A commitment to change), includes an article co-authored by VITRI’s doctoral candidate Marisa Camargo and researcher Nick Hogarth. The article focus on how REDD+ and the zero deforestation debate is affecting cocoa’s supply chains.

“….Cocoa – villain, victim or ally?... Although cocoa does not contribute to deforestation as much as these commodities, it been a key driver of forest loss, especially in West Africa. Cocoa is a villain, since it has led to a loss of forest cover. It is a victim, because suitable areas for growing cocoa are likely to shift and be reduced due to climate change. It is an ally; if it is grown under effective agroforestry systems, cocoa can lead the way in landscape restoration, delivering resilient ecosystems and improving sustainable yields over the long term. In addition, given that smallholders produce about 80% of global cocoa, the commodity has significant livelihood and development implications…

The full article can be download from the link