Field study opportunities in cooperation with FFD

In Tanzania, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Nicaragua

VITRI has identified with the Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD) possibilities to link research initiatives to the projects that FFD is supporting in some developing countries. This is a research opportunity for MSc theses combining VITRI’s academic supervision with FFD’s logistical support on the ground.

Students are expected to apply for their own funding (international travel and allowances) while other costs such as local transport and accommodation can be negotiated according to the research plan and with FFD funding available. The research should be of interest and benefit for the farmer organization that FFD is supporting.

Possible generic research topics are as follows:


- Assessment of carbon stocks for smallholder tree plantations

- Value chains and markets for wood products vs. livelihoods from smallholder tree plantations 

- Zanzibar carbon storages related to agricultural/horticultural production; Zanzibar maps on CO2 emissions


- Value chains and markets for wood products from smallholder tree plantations (affiliated with Zembaba);

- Agro-forestry practices

- Rhizobia inoculants in Acacia plantations


- Certification of timber from smallholder farmers


- Coffee production and climate change - how to adapt the present system to recurrent droughts and diseases

In addition, for all the countries there are possibilities to study agroforestry practices, and carbon stocks and credit systems for smallholder farmers.

For more information please contact Eshetu Yirdaw