FFD Public Seminar about Agroforestry

Panellists include Emer. Prof. Luukkanen from VITRI

This seminar aims to bring together people from different background with a common interest in developing work of agriculture and forestry. Seminar aims to give an overview of the situation of food security and natural resource management. Panelists will share their knowledge based on their research, work and experiences and give good solutions for the cultivation of our planet. Purpose of the seminar is to provide examples on how environmental and economic benefits can be combined.

This seminar is organized by Finnish Agri-agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD), which is part of international AgriCord Alliance. The seminar is also part of other side events organized as part of the World Farmers Organization (WFO) General Assembly to take place in Helsinki (12-15 June)

Register for the FDD seminar at https://www.lyyti.in/seminar13062017