ViPS/DPPS Autumn Symposium 2022

Current Challenges in Genetics and Genomics of Plant Adaptation

Current Challenges in Genetics and Genomics of Plant Adaptation

Time: 12th-13th December 2022
Organiser: Roosa Laitinen
Place: Viikki campus, Seminar room1015, Biocentre 2, Viikinkaari 5 

Invited speakers: Kirsten Bomblies, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland; Zoran Nikoloski, Potsdam University, Germany; and Korbinian Schneeberger, LMU, Munich, Germany.

Local speakers: Paula Elomaa, Timo Hytönen & Tanja Pyhäjärvi


Monday 12.12., 09:15-16:05

Session 1
09:15-09:20 Opening of the symposium, & general information Roosa Laitinen
09:20-10:15 Kirsten Bomblies, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
The evolution of polyploid fertility
10:15-10:30 Flash presentations
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
Session II
10:45-11:40 Paula Elomaa, University of Helsinki
Phyllotactic patterning of Asteraceae flower heads - how and why?
11:40-11:55 Flash presentations
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13.00-14.15 Poster session I & coffee break
Session III
14:15-15:10 Timo Hytönen, University of Helsinki
Drivers of adaptive phenological variation in European woodland strawberry
15:10-16:05 Korbinian Schneeberger, LMU, Munich, Germany
Resolving the individual haplotypes of polyploid genomes

Tuesday 13.12., 09:00-13:05

Session IV
09:00-09:55 Zoran Nikoloski, Potsdam University, Germany
Phenomic vs. genomic prediction of complex plant traits: approaches, shortcomings, and opportunities
09:55-10:15 Flash presentations
10:15-11:15 Poster session II & coffee break
Session V
11:15-12:10 Tanja Pyhäjärvi, University of Helsinki
Understanding natural genetic variation in trees