ViPS Retreat 2017

15-16th May, Mustiala manor

12th Viikki Plants meeting



Day 1: Monday 15th May
0800 Depart Viikki
0930 Arrive Mustiala
0950-1000 Coffee and welcome
1000-1140 Session 1 - Plants and abiotic stress tolerance Chair: Maitry Paul
1000-1030 Dorothea Bartels: A fresh look at desiccation tolerance in angiosperm plants in the age of  transcriptomics and genome sequencing
1030-1050 Kurt Fagerstedt: Oxygen stree tolerance and lignin biosynthesis group
1050-1110 Kristiina Himanen: Genomic and phenomic screens for a selected Arabidopsis mutant collection
1110-1120 Break
1120-1140 Mikael Brosché: Use of natural variation to study plant stress responses
1140-1200 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: HiLIFE information and update
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1440 Session 2 - Developmental Biology/Trees Chair: Ali Amiryousefi
1300-1330 Ove Nilsson: Regulation of the seasonal growth and dormancy cycle in trees
1330-1350 Teemu Teeri: Stilbenes in Scots pine
1350-1410 Ari Pekka Mähönen: Cell Fate Decisions in the Arabidopsis Root Cambium
1410-1420 Break
1420-1440 Paula Elomaa: Patterning of the flower-like Asteraceae capitulum
1440-1500 Anna Kärkönen: Lignin biosynthesis in Norway spruce
1500-1530 Coffee break
1530-1730 Session 3 - Slide posters
1730-1930 Visit to the agricultural college, tour of the brewery, free time
1930-2100 Dinner
2100- Sauna, pub, free time

Day 2: Tuesday 16th May
0900-1100 Session 4 - Plant Immunity/Plant Microbiome Chair: Riikka Mäkilä
0900-0930 Corné Pieterse: The root microbiome and plant health
0930-0950 Jari Valkonen: Studies on Plant-Virus Interactions, Diagnostics and Control of Viral Diseases in Plants
0950-1000 Break
1000-1020 Michael Wrzaczek: Plant receptors in ROS signaling - function and evolution
1020-1040 Kristiina Mäkinen: Exploring plant cell-virus interactions
1040-1100 Coffee break
1100-1320 Session 5 - Photosynthesis-related processes Chair: Mirko Pavicic
1100-1130 Dario Leister: Novel developments in photosynthesis research
1130-1150 Matthew Robson: Canopy Spectral Ecology and Ecophysiology
1150-1240 Lunch
1240-1300 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: ROS, Chloroplasts, mitochondria and nucleus
1300-1320 Pedro Aphalo: Sensory ecology of plants: sunlight
1320-1330 Break
1330-1510 Session 6 - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Chair: Friederike Gehrmann
1330-1400 Anna-Liisa Laine: The ecology of plant-pathogen interactions
1400-1420 Alan Schulman: The barley genome assembly: what an average genome looks like
1420-1430 Break
1430-1450 Timo Hytönen: Population genomics of woodland strawberry reveal drivers of climate adaptation
1450-1510 Jarkko Salojärvi: Genome evolution through time: linking species to populations
1530 Depart Mustiala
1715 Arrive Viikki

Session 3 - Slide posters
Juan Alonso Serra: Tree's forward genetics using birch as a model
Kiflemariam Belachew: Key players in secondary development - Cambial Plethora's
Suvi Broholm: Lineage tracing as a tool to study growth dynamics during root secondary growth
Sanna Ehonen: Miksi haapa- ja poppelipuiden sukuun kuuluvat lajit ovat hylänneet ilmarakojen nopean säätelyn mekanismin?
Gugan Eswaran: Key players in secondary development - Cambial Plethora's
Layla Höckerstedt: Resistance from genes to metapopulation
Inga Jüriado: Genetic diversity of Nostoc symbionts in Peltigera species (Ascomycota) of hemiboreal habitats in Estonia
Yusuf Khan: Small RNA analysis for identification of viruses
Elli Koskela: Genetic and environmental control of flowering in strawberries
Julia Krasensky: Multiple signal integration - Stress signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana grown under different photoperiods
Melis Kucukoglu: Genetic and hormonal control of cambium activity and wood formation
Teresa Laitinen: Lignin in Norway spruce
Johanna Leppälä: Speciation in outcrossing Arabidopsis
Mirko Pavicic: Image based high throughput screening for abscisic acid responses
Maija Pollari: Host VARICOSE is a co-regulator of potato virus A translation
Pezhman Safdari: Uncovering the molecular basis of resistance in a large natural host-pathogen metapopulation
Omid Safronov: Detecting Early Signs of Heat and Drought Stress in Phoenix dactylifera (Date Palm)
Samia Samad: QTL mapping of flowering time in woodland strawberry
Chang Su: Tree architecture regulation by Strigolactones
Kai Wang: Viewing plant pathogenic yeasts from physiology and genomics
Yan Yan: Perception of solar blue and UV-light in two Vicia faba cultivars leads to different phenolic compounds and physiological response
Lingping Zhu: Exploration of Interference Between G2PS1 and Pollen Development in Gerbera