ViPS Invited Seminar March 2022 EXTRA!

Antonio Encina, García, Universidad de León, Spain

Date: 11th March 2022

Time: 13:00

Title: Further exploring the plasticity of the primary cell wall: the use of cellulose biosynthesis inhibitors

Location: Remotely via Zoom

Host: Anna Kärkönen

Abstract: The study of cell cultures habituated to cellulose biosynthesis inhibitors (CBIs) represents an excellent model to understand the mechanisms underlying the structural plasticity and remodeling capacity of the primary cell wall. By using maize cultured-cells with a low cellulose content we have provided relevant information on the changes that take place in the structure, composition and metabolism of the primary cell wall of grasses when cellulose biosynthesis is impaired.

In addition, the results obtained during these years have improved our knowledge of the cellular strategies that allow plant cells to cope with stress situations and maintain their ability to divide and elongate. One of the most important changes that occur during the habituation of maize cells to CBIs is the synthesis and deposition of lignin-type compounds in the primary cell wall, a process known as ectopic lignification.

Antonio´s research is focused into the molecular basis of cell wall structural plasticity and cell wall-based mechanism of abiotic stress tolerance in plants. Of particular interest are the results describing the compensatory mechanisms occurred in the matrix polysaccharides upon cellulose inhibition. In this frame, his group has contributed to the elucidation of the molecular and genetic basis for structural plasticity of the plant cell walls.

In the last years, Antonio´s research group interest has also been directed towards the potential use of lignocellulosic biomass as forage and biofuel feedstock, paying attention to the compositional characterization of cell walls from maize stalk. Recently, his line of research is also focused on the relationship between cell wall, stalk resistance and lodging susceptibility in maize.

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