ViPS Invited Seminar February 2017

Pablo Goloboff, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina

Date: 15th February 2017

Time: 1315

Title: On model-based phylogenetic inference for the analysis of morphological data

Location: Viikki B building, lecture room 4 (Latokartanonkaari 7-9)

Host: Jaakko Hyvönen

Pablo Goloboff works on phylogenetic theory and methods, as well as on methods for historical biogeography.  His most important contribution is probably in the computer program for phylogenetic analysis, TNT.  He has also made significant contributions to systematic theory, with new methods for tree-searching, character weighting, measures of group support, techniques for consensus and supertrees, and other aspects related to systematic practice. 

Relevant publications:

2016. Goloboff, P., and S. Catalano. TNT version 1.5, including a full implementation of geometric morphometrics.  Cladistics 32: 221–238.

2014. Goloboff, P., and M. Simmons.  Bias in tree searches and its consequences for measuring groups supports.  Systematic Biology 63: 851–861.

2008.  Goloboff, P., J. Farris, and K. Nixon.  2008.  TNT, a free program for phylogenetic analysis.  Cladistics 24: 774–786.

2003a. P. Goloboff.  Parsimony, likelihood, and simplicity.  Cladistics 19:91-103.

1993a. P. Goloboff. Estimating character weights during tree search.  Cladistics 9:83-91.