ViPS Invited Seminar April 2021
Laura Rossini, University of Milan, Italy

Date: 14th April 2021

Time: 13:00

Title: Genetics of barley shoot architecture

Location: Remotely via Zoom

Host: Alan Schulman

Abstract: In grasses, biomass and grain production are affected by plant architecture traits such as tiller number, culm robustness, leaf size and orientation. Thus, knowledge of their genetic bases is a prerequisite for developing new improved varieties. Research in our group aims at identifying and characterizing genes shaping shoot architecture in barley, a major crop that has been farmed by humans for over 10.000 years and a genetic model for the Triticeae tribe. To this end, we are exploring germplasm collections and mutagenized populations to investigate relationships between different shoot features and agronomic traits. Linkage and association mapping approaches are used to map the underlying loci, identify candidate genes and gain insight into the molecular mechanisms of plant development.

Laura Rossini is associate professor in crop genetics at the University of Milan, Italy. Her research activity is in the area of crop genetics, genomics and molecular biology. For the past twenty years she and her group have applied genetic and genomic approaches to investigate the mechanisms controlling plant morphology and development with a major focus on barley. Her interests also span research on fruit trees: she participated in the International Peach Genome Initiative and the development of genomics-based tools and approaches for genetic dissection and improvement of fruit quality and agronomic traits in peach. Read more about Laura's work