Special Plant Seminar August 2017
Carl Gunnar Fossdal, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Ås, Norway

Date: 24th August 2017

Time: 13:00

Title: The epigenetic memory of temperature during embryogenesis modifies the expression of genes in Norway spruce epitypes

Location: Lecture room B4, Viikki B building, Latokartanonkaari 7-9

Host: Teemu Teeri

Abstract: Epigenetic memory affects the timing of bud burst phenology and the expression of bud burst-related genes in genetically identical Norway spruce epitypes in a manner usually associated with ecotypes. In Norway spruce, a temperature-dependent epigenetic memory established during embryogenesis affects the timing of bud burst and bud set in a reproducible and predictable manner. We hypothesize that the clinal variation in these phenological traits, which is associated with adaptation to growth under frost-free conditions, has an epigenetic component.