Special Plant Seminar

David Collinge, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: Friday 28th April

Time: 1000

Title: Contrasting approaches towards plant disease control: from transgenic plants to endophytic fungi

Location: Lecture room 7, Viikki B building, Latokartanonkaari 7-9

Host: Tapio Palva

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Abstract: As a worse-case scenario, of course plant diseases can cause total crop loss. It is generally considered that average loss of yield lies in the region of 15-20%. Losses can also be caused by reduced quality, for example, by mycotoxin contamination. Biotechnological approaches have potential to provide new means for disease control but in general do not play a major role in disease control. Reasons include inefficiency and lack of reproducibility, not to mention public concern. In this lecture I will provide a brief update on transgenic biotechnogical approaches and introduce our new research programmes aiming for biological control with endophytic and other commensal fungi.

ALL welcome!