Seven ViPS members receive Academy of Finland funding

The Research Council of Finland funding for Academy projects and Academy research fellows is awarded to seven ViPS members with a total of 3.8 Million Euros!

Academy project funding

Fred Asiegbu: Heterobasidion Conifer Pathosystem: Functional role of novel biomolecules in pathogenesis and disease resistance

Mikael Brosché: The regulatome of plant cell death

Anna-Liisa Laine: Disease dynamics in a changing world

Kristiina Mäkinen: Towards comprehensive protein-protein interactome responsible for the coordination of potyvirus infection processes

Mari Pihlatie: Predicting episodic N2O emissions from northern agricultural soils

Cezary Waszczak: Pectin acetylation and plant biomass properties

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Academy fellow funding:

Teng Zhang:Diversity of floral ground plans in angiosperms

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