Seminar on Forest Pathology

Special event at the Natural Resources Institute Finland

Date: Wednesday 29th March

Time: 0900-1400

Location: Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) Savotta & Riihi, 2nd floor, Viikki

Morning session (09:00 - 11:15) chair: Jarkko Hantula

  • Fred Asiegbu (University of Helsinki): Tree Microbiomes: Functional roles and Impact on Forest Health
  • Leena Hamberg (Luke, Helsinki): Early root growth and architecture of fast- and slow-growing Norway spruce (Picea abies) families differ – potential for functional adaptation
  • Umair Awan (University of Helsinki): Fungal interaction (Part 2): Synergistic/Antagonistic effect on wood deconstruction by co-fungal cultures
  • Lauma Bruna (Latvian State Forest Research Institute Silava): Fungi associated with necrosis and dieback of birch seedlings in Latvia.

Lunch 11:00-12:00

Afternoon session (12:00-16:15) chair: Taina Pennanen

  • Reijo Penttilä (Luke, Helsinki): Effects of forest restoration on species recovery: Polypores as an example.
  • Nerea Abrego (University of Helsinki): Reintroduction of threatened fungal species via inoculation.

Coffee break 13:30 – 14:00

  • Hanna Huitu (Luke, Helsinki): Asymptomatic spread of pinewood nematode in Finland - How widely could it spread, and can its surveys be improved?
  • Zhen Zeng (University of Helsinki): Patterns of genomic variations in multiple isolates of Heterobasidion parviporum: Impact on the evolution of virulence & pathogenicity traits
  • Andriy Kovalchuk (University of Helsinki): Genomic and exon-capture system identifies genetic variants of conifer genes involved in resistance to Heterobasidion infection

Students wishing to earn 1 credit point should register by sending email to, mengxia.liu(at) by Monday 27th March at the latest. One credit point will be awarded for participation and submission of a written assignment.