Events in September

ViPS events in September 2020

Friday 4th, 12:15
Thesis defence
Maiju Kosunen (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry  & AGFOREE)
Insect and storm disturbance in boreal forests – predisposing site factors and impacts on ecosystem carbon
Opponent: Johan Stendahl, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Friday 4th, 14:15
Thesis defence
Teemu Paljakka (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research & AGFOREE)
Tree water transport mediating the changing environmental conditions to tree physiological processes
Opponent: Jordi Martinez-Vilalta, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 16th, 13:00
Invited Plant Seminar
Erik Murchie, University of Nottingham, UK
Too much yet not enough:  photosynthesis and photoprotection within dynamic crop canopies
Host: Matt Robson
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 16th, 14:00
Plant Club
14:00 Maxime Durand, OEB, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Canopy level photosynthesis under conditions of diffuse and direct sunlight and its implications for light use efficiency by plants under future climates
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Thursday 24th, 12:00
Thesis defence
Eeva Marttinen (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry  & ILS)
Pathogens of green roof mosses and the use of a Physcomitrella mutant collection as a source for elucidating genes involved in the chitosan-induced signaling pathway
Opponent: Mari-Anne Newman, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 30th, 14:00-16:00
ViPS Science Fair 2020
Location: Remotely via Zoom