Events in May

ViPS events in May 2021

Wednesday 19th, 14:00
Plant Club
14:00 Xavier Zarza Cubero, OEB, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Activation of phospholipid signalling pathways by polyamines
14:20 Nina Sipari, Viikki Metabolomics Unit, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Introduction to Plant Metabolomics and its applications in Viikki Metabolomics Unit (ViMU)
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 19th, 15:15
Invited Plant Seminar
Zachary Nimchuk, Chapell Hill, North Carolina, USA
Wiring plant development through receptor kinase signaling circuits
Host: Paula Elomaa
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Monday 31st May, 1000-1200 & 1300-1400
Mini-symposium: Plant viruses in nanobiotech applications
10:00-11:00 Mauri Kostiainen, Aalto University, Finland
Plant Viruses as Building Blocks for Nanomaterials
11:00-12:00 George Lomonossoff, John Innes Centre, UK
The use of a spherical plant virus in bio- and nanotechnology: the many faces of cowpea mosaic virus
13:00-14:00 Christina Wege, University of Stuttgart, Germany
How to grow a viral helper made for protein display that may help me on my way to avoid a busy day?
Organisers: Kristiina Mäkinen, Swarnalok De, Jaana Vapaavuori, DPPS, ViPS & Aalto University
Location: Remotely via Zoom