Events in December

ViPS events in December 2017

Friday 8th, 14:00

Wine-Science Seminar

MONIMET project (2013-2017) climate change indicators and vulnerability of boreal zone

Mikko Peltoniemi: Use of cameras to track phenology of trees, experiences from Monimet project

Annikki Mäkelä: Assessment of uncertainty of climate change indicators

Tuula Aalto: Soil-vegetation-atmosphere models for estimating climate change effects on boreal ecosystems

Tuula Aalto (Tiina Markkanen): Extracting ecosystem climate change indicators from century long simulations

Room 332, 3rd floor, Forest Sciences Building, Latokartanonkaari 7

Monday 11th - Tuesday 12th

Course: Current Challenges in Plant Biology

Invited speakers: Olivier van Aken (Lund University, Sweden), Margarete Baier (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), Christine Foyer (University of Leeds, UK), Zhizhong Gong (China Agricultural University, China), Hannes Kollist (University of Tartu, Estonia), Ron Mittler (University of North Texas, USA)

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Wednesday 13th, 12:00

Thesis defence

Mikko Piirainen (Finnish Museum of Natural Sciences & DPPS)

Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies on Salicornioideae (Amaranthaceae)

Opponent: Samuli Lehtonen, University of Turku

Location: Nylander room, Botanical Museum, Unioninkatu 44

Wednesday 13th, 13:15

Invited Plant Seminar

Jens Stougaard, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Signals and receptors involved in endosymbiosis

Host: Alan Schulman

Location: Viikki C building, lecture room 2, Latokartanonkaari 5

Wednesday 13th, 14:15

Plant Club

1415 Omid Safronov, Department of Biosciences

Heat and drought resistance responses in Phoenix dactylifera L. (date palm)

1435 Neha Rai, Department of Biosciences

Ultraviolet and blue radiation-mediated responses in Arabidopsis thaliana.

1455 Ville Pennanen, Department of Biosciences

Poly(A) binding proteins in immunity in Arabidopsis

Location: Viikki C building, lecture room 2, Latokartanonkaari 5

Wednesday 13th, 15:15

ViPS/DPPS Christmas party

Pizza & games, welcome & thanks

Location: Viikki C building coffee room

Thursday 14th, 13:00

Special plant seminar

Jörg Bohlmann, University of British Colombia, Canada

Fragrance Biosynthesis in Tropical Sandalwood

Location: Viikki B building, lecture room 6, Latokartanonkaari 7-9

Host: Teemu Teeri

Friday 15th, 12:00

Thesis defence

Tanja Paasela (Department of Agricultural Sciences & DPPS)

The stilbene biosynthetic pathway and its regulation in Scots pine

Opponent: Jörg Bohlmann, University of British Colombia, Canada

Location: Lecture room 228, Viikki, Lab-building, Koetilantie 5