7 ViPS members receive Academy of Finland funding

Academy of Finland project funding and funding for early career researchers is awarded to seven ViPS members with a total of almost 3 Million Euros!

Academy of Finland project funding

Jaana Bäck: Biogeochemical and biophysical feedbacks from forest harvesting to climate change (consortium)

Kurt Fagerstedt: Revealing the last unknown steps in cell wall lignification

Ykä Helariutta: Procambial development directed by PEAR and HD-ZIP III transcription factors at a single-cell resolution

Teemu Hölttä: A whole tree level approach to study source and sink limitation of tree metabolism

Anne Ojala: Cascading carbon flow in managed forested catchments (consortium)

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Academy of Finland early career researcher funding

Matt Robson: Canopy level photosynthesis under conditions of diffuse and direct sunlight and its implications for light use efficiency by plants under future climates

Michi Wrzaczek: Signal integration through plasma membrane-localized proteins during stress signaling in plants

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