4th ViPS/LuKe joint seminar

4th ViPS/LuKe joint seminar

Date: Thursday 11th May 2023

Location: Lecture room B3, Forest Sciences building, Latokartanonkaari 7-9, Viikki campus, University of Helsinki

The aim of the seminar is to bring together researchers from LuKe, the Viikki Plant Science Centre and INAR (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research) to discuss timely topics, map joint interests and recognise new possibilities for collaboration. Plenty of time has been reserved at the end of each session and during the breaks for joint discussions.

The session speakers are asked to bring up open research questions, knowledge gaps and existing challenges where research and/or collaboration needs to be strengthened.

Younger generation early career researchers (ECR) are given a possibility to introduce their research and build up new connections.

The program is organised by researchers from ViPS, LuKe, INAR and the Centre of Excellence in Tree Biology.

Coffee breaks, lunch and a dinner in the evening at the Viikki manor house will all be free for registered participants.


09:20-09:30    Ykä Helariutta: Opening of the seminar

Session 1 – Spectroscopy phenotyping, session chair: Maija Sierla

09:30-09:45    Alexey Shapiguzov: Can we study respiration with chlorophyll fluorescence imaging?

09:45-10:00    Pavel Alekseychik: The challenges of estimating plant stress based on leaf temperature in field conditions

10:00-10:15    Luis Alonso Chorda: Hyperspectral monitoring of vegetation

10:15-10:30    Steffen Grebe: Cyclic electron flow or methodological artifact of PSI quantum yields?

10.30-11.00    Coffee break

Session 2 – Phenotyping through gas exchange and labelling, session chair: Alexey Shapiguzov

11:00-11:15    Yann Salmon: Stable isotopes in plant science, labelling and natural abundance

11:15-11:30    Teemu Hölttä: Leaf gas exchange and plant hydraulics

11:30-11:45    Maxime Durand: Assessing water-use efficiency at different scales

11:45-12:00    Maija Sierla: Whole-plant gas exchange phenotyping

12.00-13.00    Lunch at Restaurant Ladonlukko

Session 3 – Architecture and pathology phenotyping, session chair: Kaisa Nieminen

13:15-13:30    Kristiina Himanen: Image-based time series analysis for fungal disease progression and severity in plant tissues

13:30-13:45    Evgeny Lopatin: Integrating mobile and UAV laser scanning with multispectral drone data for quantifying forest dynamics and early detection of pest-induced tree damage

13:45-14:00    Timo Domisch: Applications of visible/infrared spectroscopy in forest research

14:00-14:15    Sampo Muranen: Youngii, why are you weeping?

14.15-15.00    Coffee break

Session 4 – From phenotyping to genetic and molecular studies, session chair: Ari-Pekka Mähönen

15:00-15:15    Françoise Martz: Blue or black bilberry: when the color matters 

15:15-15:30    Attiq Rehman: Genetic dissection of photosynthesis-related traits in a pre-breeding strawberry population

15:30-15:45    Hirofumi Ishihara: Investigating the photoperiodic effects on the growth and metabolite composition of Brassica oleracea var. Acephala (Kale) cultivars

15:45-16:00    Jenni Uusitupa: Controlling the nitrate content in lettuce

16:00-16:15    Priscille Steensma: Revealing mechanisms of post-processing deterioration in fresh-cut lettuce using a multidisciplinary approach

16:15-16:30    Tuula Jyske: Inspired by nature: functional materials from polyphenolic extracts of Norway spruce bark - case studies

17.00              Dinner, restaurant Viikin kartano