15th ViPS Annual Meeting

16th - 17th May 2022

The traditional meeting of the plant biology researchers from the Viikki campus (ViPS) will be held at the Hanko Regatta Spa Hotel and the Festival Hall of the Hanko City Hall from Monday 16th to Tuesday 17th May 2022. Postponed from 2020, it is great that we can return to Hanko and the Regatta hotel where past retreats were held from 1999-2007.

The meeting is traditionally made up of sessions of PI/group leader talks outlining the research of their whole group and future directions. 


Day 1: Monday 16th May
0830 Leave Viikki
1100 Arrive in Hanko, leave luggage in Merisali of the hotel
1115 Lunch in Hotel Regatta
1215 Welcome and introductions (Festival hall of the Hanko city hall)
1230-1400 Session 1 (chairs: Matteo Citterico & Nerea Alamar Valdenbenito)
1230 Timo Hytönen: Reproductive development of woodland strawberry
1250 Anne Vaten: Stomatal development in seed plants
1305 Melis Kucukoglu Topcu: Control of plant thickening and vascular continuity in lateral and vertical dimensions'
1320 Kaisa Nieminen: Birch genetics and breeding
1340 Anna Happonen: Role of exovesicles in lignin biosynthesis in Norway spruce?
1400-1430 Coffee break
1430-1515 Session 2 (chair: Gregory Andreou)
1430 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: What the CoE TreeBio is about
1450 Tanja Pyhäjärvi: Forest tree evolutionary genomics
1510 Maija Sierla: GHR1 and its interactors in stomatal movements and water transport in the vasculature
1525-1800 Sauna, sea swimming
1830-2030 Dinner
2030- Relaxing, free time

Day 2: Tuesday 17th May
0915-1015 Session 3 (chair: Sampo Muranen)
0915 Mikael Brosché: Being green is good
0935 Teemu Teeri: The puzzle of displaying orange
0955 Jon Atherton: Albert's group
1015-1045 Coffee Break
1045-1145 Session 4 (chair: Jasmin Kemppinen)
1045 Alan Schulman: Genomics-enabled future crops
1105 Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi: Crop Light: from cell signaling to flavor tailoring
1125 Roosa Laitinen: Causes and consequences of phenotypic plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana
1145-1230 Lunch
1230-1400 Session 5 (chair: Salla Tenhovirta)
1230 Kurt Fagerstedt: Ray parenchymal cells actively contribute to lignification of tracheids in developing xylem of Norway spruce
1250 Cezary Waszczak: Cell walls and plant-gas exchange
1305 Jarkko Salojärvi: Genomic views into species history and evolution
1320 Ari Pekka Mähönen: Hormonal control in cambial activity
1340 Paula Elomaa: Meristem patterning in Asteraceae
1415 Depart Hanko
1630 Arrive Viikki