TreesForDev Podcast Debut!

The TreesForDev project is proud to launch its limited series podcast in collaboration with the Global Extractivisims and Alternatives (EXALT) podcast.

The TreesForDev Project is proud to announce the debut episode of our limited series podcast.

In this debut episode, we are joined by the project principal investigators, Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes and Markus Kröger, from Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsinki respectively. In this conversation, they introduce us to who they are and what types of questions are being investigated in the TreesForDev project. This project examines the dynamics of ecological restoration involving tree planting schemes.

The TreesForDev project is honored to collaborate with the Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative (EXALT) podcast. Each of our episode will be released through their platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify (direct links to the episode below). 

We are extremely grateful to the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) at the University of Helsinki for their financial contribution to this podcast series. Without the support of the HELSUS Societal Impact Grant we would be unable to bring this series to life.