Panel Presentation at Extractivism Annual International Conference 2024

Project principal investigator, Markus Kröger, will be participating as a panellist at the Extractivism Annual International Conference 2024, titled, “Comparing Extractivist Regimes: Natural Resources in the Global Paths towards Sustainability”, which will be held on July 1 & 2, 2024, in Kassel, Germany.

Session 1: Extractivist Regimes in a Global Perspective, July 1, 2024, from 10–12 CEST

Session Description: Extractivist regimes are specific economic and political orders that emerge due to the global trade of raw materials and reproduce themselves through different institutions, actor constellations and global forces. This panel brings historical approaches to grasp the importance of extractivism in order formation, the dynamics of unequal specialisation and global asymmetries and global patterns of commodity trade. 

  • Ricci, Andrea (University of Urbino, Italy) Complementary Paths of Dependency: Extractivist and Industrial Peripheries in the New International Division of labour 
  • Amate, Juan Infante (University of Granada, Spain) The contribution of Latin America to the global supply of resources: Land, energy, and materials (1900-2020) 
  • Kamal, Oukaci (University of Béjaïa, Algeria) Rente pétrolière et inégalités des revenus dans les pays riches en ressources naturelles. 
  • Kröger, Markus (University of Helsinki, Finland) Deforesting Extractivist Systems and their Resistance in the Amazon and Finland 

Chair: Melisa Deciancio (University of Münster, Germany) 

Discussant: Hannes Warnecke-Berger (University of Kassel, Germany)