LECTURE EVENT: Miracles in the Ground: Restoring Ecosystems and Livelihoods with the Help of Trees

When: Thursday, February 15th, 2024, 13:00-14:30 (Finnish time, EET)

Where: Online on Teams. Teams link will be sent to registered participants closer to the event.

In this lecture we heard fromTony Rinaudo and Judith Schwartz speak about the possibilities of widespread restoration of ecosystems with the help of trees and other techniques that regenerate soils, as well as carbon and water cycles.

This event is now over. Here is a link to a recording of the event. 

Tony Rinaudo is known as the “forest maker.” He has made his life and work in several African countries over many decades. Through these experiences he discovered and actualized a solution to the extreme deforestation and desertification issues that have deeply affected the Sahel region. Using a straightforward set of particular management practices, farmers can through their actions can protect and spur regeneration of the existing local vegetation. Tony's work has had a deep impact in improving the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in these regions and beyond. You can read more about Tony and his work here https://rightlivelihood.org/the-change-makers/find-a-laureate/tony-rinaudo/

Judith D. Schwartz "is an author who tells stories to explore and illuminate scientific concepts and cultural nuance. She takes a clear-eyed look at global environmental, economic, and social challenges, and finds insights and solutions in natural systems. She writes for numerous publications, including The American Prospect, The Guardian, Discover, Scientific American, and YaleE360. Her latest book, “The Reindeer Chronicles”, is a global tour of earth repair, featuring stops in Norway, Spain, Hawai’i, New Mexico, and beyond.”  You can read more about Judith and her work here https://www.judithdschwartz.com/about

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