Urban microclimate observatory

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What did I just find? If you are here because you scanned a QR code on a mysterious white or grey object, you have stumbled upon a microclimate sensor of the Helsinki microclimate observatory project. These devices track the temperature in their surroundings. They record data every 15 minutes and keep it stored until we come by to download it. The mushroom cap, if present, acts as a heat shield to protect the sensor units from direct sunlight.
Why is this sensor here?

The sensor you found is part of the Helsinki microclimate observatory, a project run by the University of Helsinki's terrestrial ecosystem dynamics research group (also known as the Tree-D lab). Our research is all about understanding how ecosystems respond to environmental changes. We want to find out how the physical structure of vegetation impacts local climate in city forests and other green areas in hopes that our results will help the City of Helsinki to pinpoint and preserve critical habitats for plants and wildlife. Sensor locations were chosen according to elevation, vegetation cover, and many other criteria. You can find more information on our project's website (currently only available in English). 

What should I do now?

Please, take a step back (make sure not to bump the sensor or its protective cage if it has one), then feel free to continue your walk and enjoy your day! We kindly ask that you don’t touch or move the sensor, as it could mess with our data. 

Got questions? Noticed the sensor looking out of place? Contact us at microclimate.hel@gmail.com. Feel free to visit our project's website, if you're curious to learn more (only available in English).

If you, your children, or your pets accidentally moved the sensor, please notify us of the time of the incident at microclimate.hel@gmail.com.

Who put this sensor here?