We are a team of environmental scientists, geographers and ecologists working together to investigate the impacts of global change on ecosystem dynamics through the use of remote sensing techniques.
Eduardo Maeda

Eduardo is an Associate Professor of Remote Sensing at the Department of Geosciences and Geography and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). He is a science enthusiast with particular interest in applying geospatial technology to understand the relations between nature and humans. He leads several research projects and international collaboration with leading scientists worldwide. His current research topics focus on the understanding of environmental changes in terrestrial ecosystems, mainly using remote sensing and modelling tools.

Iris Aalto

Iris is a PhD student in the University of Helsinki and University of Edinburgh Partnership Programme on Forests. She is interested in sustainable natural resource management using the tools of remote sensing, and her current research is about boreal forest microclimates and how management activities are shaping them. She did her Master's degree in Geoinformatics in the University of Helsinki

Erone Ghizoni Santos

Erone is a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, whose research focuses on investigating the logging effects on Borneo's forests through the use of Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS). He is a Forest Engineer from the University of Santa Catarina and obtained his master's degree in Remote Sensing from the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil. 

Eleanor Downie

Eleanor is an MSc student in geoinformatics, who is interested in forest ecology, climate change and remote sensing. She is currently exploring the use of virtual forest models to investigate the long term impact of forest fragmentation in the Amazon as part of her thesis. She conducted her BSc studies at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and wrote her BSc thesis mapping tree species migration patterns, in the British Isles, after the last ice age with the use of pollen core data.

Yhasmin Mendes de Moura

Yhasmin is a Remote Sensing researcher and an avid book-lover, whose work is inspired by ecological and environmental functioning and how natural ecosystems will face the daunting task of assessing climate change. She holds a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship at the Centre for Landscape and Climate Change (CLCR), University of Leicester – UK. Her project aims to unveil vegetation functioning and carbon dynamics over degraded and secondary forests in the Amazon.