Emeritus professors

Retired professors.
An­drew Chester­man, Ph.D.

Andrew Chesterman is Professor Emeritus of Multilingual Communication. 

His research interests include contrastive analysis, translation theory, and research methodology. 

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Liisa Tiittula, Ph.D.

Liisa Tiittula is Professor Emerita of Translation Studies and German Translation and former Head of the Translation Studies Research Community. 

Her research interests include literary translation, speech-to-text interpreting, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, audio description, multimodal interaction, and Finnish-German business communication. 

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Inkeri Vehmas-Thesslund, Ph.D.

Inkeri Vehmas-Thesslund (1978–1999 Vehmas-Lehto) is Professor Emerita of Russian Translation. 

Her research interests include terminology (concept analysis, concept systems, and LSP glossaries) and research on the needs of the end users of translations. She is the author of the award-winning Finnish-Russian Dictionary of Forestry (2008). Since her retirement in 2011, she has studied forms of address in Russian. 

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