I am an Acedemy of Finland Research Fellow (2018–2023) and the group leader of the Tracers in Molecular Imaging Group since January 2020. I have been a member of the TRIM team since the beginning of my Ph.D. studies in Radiochemistry in 2007. My Ph.D. studies were focused on the development of fluorine-18 -radiolabeled molecular imaging tools for the in vivo evaluation of porous silicon drug delivery systems, which sparked the interest to remain in the "margins" of radiopharmaceutical chemistry developing new molecular imaging tools to facilitate the translation of promising nanoscale drug delivery systems and materials from in vitro cell models to preclinical models. After my Ph.D., I trained years 2014–2016 under the mentorship of Dr. Jason S. Lewis as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Radiology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA. Upon return to Helsinki, my research has focused on the development and evaluation of multimodality imaging probes for nanocrystalline cellulose (CNC) and lignin drug delivery systems, and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in cancer immunotherapy. I especially enjoy the multidisciplinary nature of radiopharmaceutical chemistry, which allows me to combine radiochemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, histology, and laboratory animal science without having to pick one discipline! My research is currently funded by the Academy of Finland, and I am a supervisor of four Ph.D. students at the Doctoral Programme for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (CHEMS-DP). I also manage the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry services provided by our group through the Helsinki Animal in Vivo Imaging Platform (HAIP) and Biocenter Finland.

ORCID iD: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2956-4366

Contact information: mirkka.sarparanta@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50535

I got my M.Sc. degree at Helsinki University of Technology (presently Aalto University), majoring in nuclear and energy techniques and mathematics.  After that, I continued my studies in University of Jyväskylä and joined the gammaspectroscopy group at the accelerator laboratory of its Department of Physics.  My Ph.D. thesis is about coexisting nuclear shapes in neutron-deficient polonium nuclei.  The Ph.D. was followed by one year of post doc at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, working with nuclear reaction studies. In the year 2001, I was appointed to my present position at the Department of Chemistry.  My work includes technical support and development of the nuclear spectrometers and the cyclotron, as well as teaching of nuclear spectrometry.  I also act as a radiation safety officer for the department.  My research project is on radionuclide-implanted nanoparticles for theranostic applications.  I’m also involved in in-situ studies of retention of radionuclides in rock matrix.

ORCID iD: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-4143-912X

Contact information: kerttuli.helariutta@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50133

Former leader of the group. Currently as Associate Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry at Turku PET Centre, in Department of Chemistry, University of Turku (https://radchem.utu.fi/), but still supervising several doctoral students of the TRIM group.

During my doctoral research at Georgetown University I developed Gd(III)-peptide based activatable MRI contrast agents for kinases overexpressed in cancer and Rh-phosphine based catalysts to steer stereoselectivity in hydroformylation reactions. I was also involved in teaching general, physical and organic chemistry laboratory and recitation sessions along with mentoring undergraduate students. In my postdoctoral research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center I worked on numerous preclinical projects. I developed activatable optical contrast agents and targeted drug delivery techniques using Cerenkov luminescence. I used PET imaging to evaluate efficacy of vascular targeted photodynamic therapy in prostate cancer. I performed clinical research to evaluate the efficacy of Cerenkov imaging device to detect tumors in patients undergoing PET/CT. 

My current project is to build modular and standardized e-learning content on application of nuclear medicine in cancer diagnosis and therapy for the EU commission MEET-CINCH project. I am also responsible for coordination of the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry services for the Helsinki In Vivo Animal Imaging Platform (HAIP).

Professionally I am interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and business development related to diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Personally I enjoy snowboarding, soccer and motorcycles!

Contact information: sudeep.das@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50391

I have started at the TRIM group in 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher. The research interests of mine are molecular imaging and currently in particular the development of radiopharmaceuticals for pretargeted PET imaging of cancer.

My doctoral studies (Ph.D. of clinical physiology and nuclear medicine) at the Turku PET Centre, the University of Turku and the Drug Discovery Graduate School focused on the development of 68Ga-labeled imaging agents for cancer and inflammation. My knowledge on pharmacy, chemistry and biomedicine is based on the training for M.Sc. in Health Biosciences (the University of Turku) and B.Sc. in Pharmacy (the University of Helsinki). I have also worked in industry and pharmacies.

My experience spans from drug development to medication, including preparation, evaluation in disease models and delivery of pharmaceuticals for customers. Meeting patients keeps you focused on why it is important to develop better imaging agents for cancer diagnosis and the advancement of personalized medicine.

ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2436-4795

Contact information: tiina.ujula@helsinki.fi, +358 50 448 6653

I obtained my M.Sc. degree from the Fachhochschule Jülich in 2015 where I studied Nuclear Application with a specialization in Radiochemistry. During this time I spend six month at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to develop a new clickable dual-modal imaging agent for prostate cancer.

During my doctoral research at Maastricht University (2015 – 2019) I worked on the development of lipid based imaging agents for brown adipose tissue where I mainly focused on fluorine-18 labeling of fatty acids and triglycerides and the in vitro/in vivo behavior of this tracers. I was additionally involved in the design of a ceramide based tracer for Alzheimer imaging and supervision of undergraduate students. My project was associated with a strong collaboration with the University Hospital in Aachen.

Within the Tracers for Molecular Imaging (TRIM) research group I would like to bring in my expertise and research interest on tracer development, fluorine-18 labeling, PET-imaging and in vivo evaluation.

ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1646-3283

Contact information: andreas.paulus@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50103

I got my B.Sc. in Pharmacy and my M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Technology from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), majoring in the manufacture of new pharmaceutical formulations. In 2015, I joined the Parenteral Drug Administration research group as a PhD student, with a project focused on the engineering of micro and active targeted nanoparticulate systems designed to improve the antitumor efficacy of cannabinoids administered as monotherapy or in combination with conventional antineoplastics in both breast and ovarian cancer.

During my PhD studies, I did several research stays in the Department of Molecular Therapies of the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori of Milano and also in the Departments of Phamaceutical Technology and Obstetrics of the University of Geneva, which allowed me to work in a multidisciplinary team of experts. I was also involved in teaching, specifically in pharmaceutics, biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics modules and in the supervision of the research work of undergraduate and master students.

I joined the Tracers for Molecular Imaging (TRIM) research group in 2020 as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta. Within this group I would like to contribute my expertise on micro and nanosystem development, cell biology, in ovo studies and laboratory animal science, especially in the field of cancer disease.

Contact information: ana.fraguassanchez@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50382

The emphasis of my research has been geared towards the theme of development of pharmaceutically significant chemical entities of supramolecular polymers and drug conjugation, as well as macromolecular-based drug delivery system. During my M.Sc. studies at the Department of Bioengineering, University of Tokyo, I have been working with glucose decorated anticancer drug-loaded pH-responsive polymeric micelles directed to enhance targeting of glycolytics tumor via glucose transporter. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the Doctoral Programme for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (CHEMS-DP) under the supervision of Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta and Dr. Anu Airaksinen focusing on the development of multimodality molecular imaging tools for the evaluation of drug delivery systems based on nanocrystalline nanocellulose (CNC), which is an emerging green biomaterial for drug delivery applications.

ORCID iD: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2520-2146

Contact information: surachet.imlimthan@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50542

I obtained B.Sc. (Hons) in Molecular and Cell Biology from the National University of Singapore in 2018. I have started my doctoral studies in Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (CHEMS-DP) at the department of chemistry, University of Helsinki in September 2019. As I am keen on the multidisciplinary aspects in radiochemistry, my doctoral studies are in collaboration between TRIM and Radionuclide Fate and Reaction groups under the supervision of Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta and Prof. Gareth Law. My projects focus on the studies of radioactive cesium-rich microparticles (CsMP) released by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) incident in 2011 and their behavior as well as the biological responses triggered in respiratory system. 

ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2445-136X

Contact information: you-cheng.khng@helsinki.fi

I originally come from beautiful Greece. I have also lived abroad for quite a long period of time. I did my bachelor’s and master’s studies in chemistry and bioimaging sciences in England where I participated in bioinorganic, analytical and molecular biology projects. Later, I decided to live in Hong Kong to get the Asian cultural experience. There I obtained my second master’s degree which was based on organic synthesis and photophysical measurements of theranostic agents. Moreover, in the beginning of this year (2017), I took the challenge and moved to Finland. Here, I will conduct research in radiochemistry within the TRIM team, synthesizing radiopharmaceuticals for PET/ SPECT imaging which is my greatest interest. My first project is based on a gallium-68 pretargeting probe for PET imaging. Apart from research and travelling, I like keeping a healthy lifestyle, listening to live music and spending time with my family and friends.

Contact infromation: eliza.lambidis@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50532

I started my Ph.D studies in January 2016 and my topic is synthesis of In-111 and Ga-68 radiopharmaceuticals via biorthogonal click reactions, more especially reactions with tetrazine-DOTA molecules.  I have also done my bachelor and master theses in the TRIM team. I started as a summer worker 2013 and have been group member since then. During this time I have worked with different nuclides e.g. F-18 and I-131. I have been trained to operate cyclotron and I have permission to work with animals (mice and rats).

Contact information: dave.lumen@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50149

I started my Ph.D in the radiopharmaceutical group TRIM team in February 2017. 

My background is in organic chemistry. I did my B.Sc in medicinal chemistry of the topic: ”Optimization of Claisen rearrangement” in the pharmaceutical industry. I did my Master’s thesis as a joint project of organic and radiochemistry laboratories, during which I started my work in TRIM team. After my thesis I also worked as a research assistant in TRIM team for three months. I worked as a research assistant for two months in the organic laboratory synthesizing new drug candidates under the supervision of Professor Wähälä in the University of Helsinki.

My research interests are in the area of PET- and SPECT-imaging, pharmaceuticals, pretargeting and theranostics.

ORCID iD: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6578-4227

Contact information: sofia.otaru@helsinki.fi, +358 2941 50385

I originally come from Albania, a beautiful country in  Southeast Europe. After high school, I moved to Italy to pursue a single-cycle Master´s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology  at University of Siena. This degree  focuses on chemical, biochemical and chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines, with particular emphasis on practical laboratory activities. Due to this multidisciplinary approach I have a solid background not only in organic and medicinal chemistry but also in biology and other related disciplines. On the last year of my Master's degree I carried out my experimental thesis in the Drug Research Program at the University of Helsinki under the guidance of Prof. Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma as an Erasmus student. My thesis work  focused on the synthesis of novel nature-inspired compounds as quorum sensing inhibitors capable of tackling the bacterial biofilm of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a leading multi-drug resistant pathogen. During this experience I fell in love with Finland.

I started my Ph.D. studies in January 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta. My research project is focused on the development of PET and multimodal imaging tools for the tracking of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in vivo in the course of cancer immunotherapy. The future of drug discovery remains exciting and I think that radiopharmaceuticals will play a crucial role in this process.

Contact information: anisa.biti@helsinki.fi, tel. +358-2941 50383


I am currently a M.Sc. student at the Department of Chemistry with a previous Bachelor's degree in Laboratory Sciences. I have a taste of multidisciplinary research, especially those combining chemistry with biomedical and physical aspects or instrumentation for practical outcomes. I joined the TRIM team in 2018 as a summer trainee and now I continue to pursue my master's thesis with Dr. Kerttuli Helariutta and Prof. Anu Airaksinen focusing on the production of clinically scandium radioisotopes with the low-energy cyclotron and subsequent separation and purification of the products. 

Contact information: jarkko.lampuoti@helsinki.fi

I am a M.Sc. student at the Department of Chemistry and my master thesis will focus in radiopharmaceuticals and autoradiography. I joined TRIM team in autumn 2019.

Contact information: senja.hakola@helsinki.fi


I started my studies here in the University of Helsinki in 2018. My main subject is Chemistry, but I also study Physics and Pharmacy. I am especially interested in radiochemistry and radiopharmaceutical chemistry and that is why I wanted to do my B.Sc. thesis at the TRIM group. My topic is “Multimodal radiolabeled and fluorescent bioorthogonal reagent for whole cell labeling”

Tatu Martinmäki, M.Sc student (2020)

Isa Coopmans, summer trainee (2020)

Iida Hirsso, M.Sc student (2019)

Iiro Rautsola, M.Sc. student (2019)

Adriana Filipek, Erasmus M.Sc. student (2018-2019)

Dr. Teija Koivula, postdoctoral researcher (1999-2019)

M.Sc. Marcus Lindgren, summer trainee (2018)

M.Sc. Osku Alanen, research assistant (2018)

Dr. Outi Keinänen, postgraduate student (2013–2018)

Dr. Sanjeev Ranjan, postdoctoral researcher (2017–2018)

Dr. Ulrika Jakobsson, postdoctoral researcher (2015–2018)

Kirsi Kepsu, bachelor student (2018)

Anita Nurminen, bachelor student (2018)

Danni Ramdhani, visiting researcher (2017–2018)

Vilma Jallinoja, M.Sc. student (2017)

Pauline Lang, Erasmus M.Sc. student (2017)

Chiara Timperanza, Erasmus M.Sc. student (2017)