Study Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Helsinki!

We offer training in radiopharmaceutical chemistry at the B.Sc., M.Sc. and doctoral levels at the University of Helsinki, primarily in the Master's and Doctoral Programmes for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences. Additionally, we host Erasmus exchange students for M.Sc. thesis projects, and arrange for training opportunities in radiopharmaceutical chemistry outside of the department for example in hospital laboratories and industry in Finland and collaborating universities abroad.

For more information on training and thesis opportunities in the TRIM team, contact Associate Professor Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta.

Specialization to radiopharmaceutical chemistry (M.Sc.) can be attained by selecting the highlighted courses in the Radiochemistry package of the Master's Programme for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences.


Compulsory studies

Radiochemistry, 5 cr

Basic radiochemistry exercises, 5 cr

Nuclear spectrometry (lectures), 5 cr

Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, 5 cr

Radiopharmaceutical chemistry (lectures), 5 cr

Advanced radiochemistry exercises (Radiopharmaceutical chemistry), 5 cr

Qualifying exam for radiation safety officer (no credit)

Optional studies

Chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, 5 cr

Environmental radioactivity, 5 cr

Radionuclide production and tracer techniques, 5 cr

Recommended minor subjects for radiopharmaceutical chemistry students include for example organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, animal physiology, neuroscience, physics and materials science.

For more information on doctoral studies in Chemistry at the University of Helsinki, see the University of Helsinki Doctoral School webpages: