"Ukrainan sodan ympäristötuhot uhkaavat jättää pitkän jäljen"

Kehitys Utveckling - Toukokuu 2.2022 (In Finnish)

In Donbass, eastern Ukraine, hostilities have threatened the environment and human health in the region since 2014. However, Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, extended the devastation to the whole country. Russia has attacked nuclear power plants as well as destroyed hydropower, gas pipelines and other industrial infrastructure.

Our researchers, Emma Hakala and Freek Van der Vet, discuss the long-lasting environmental impacts of the War in Ukraine in the Kehitys magazine and underline the importance of assessing and repairing this environmental damage. 

Read it here: https://kehityslehti.fi/lehdet/toukokuu-2-2022/