"The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine"

Green European Journal, Published 6 APRIL 2022 - 7 min. read

Our main researcher, Freek Van der Vet with Dmytro Averin, Iryna Nikolaieva and Nickolai Denisov have published a short piece on the environmental impact of the war in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine rages over one of the most heavily industrialised and polluted territories in the world. The legacy of Soviet heavy industry was already a public health disaster but the Russian invasion risks further damage to the natural systems on which people living in these regions depend. The ecological impacts of the conflict is a reminder that even when the fighting stops, the violence will be felt for generations to come.

Read the article: https://www.greeneuropeanjournal.eu/the-environmental-cost-of-the-war-in-ukraine/

Green European Journal: The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine