Prosecuting Ecocide: a Q&A with Activists in International Courts

Our researcher Dr. Stavros Pantazopoulos was interviewed by the UBC about what the event "Prosecuting Ecocide: Can we fill the Accountability Gap for Environmental Harm?" means for Activistis in International Courts.

In January 17, two days before the virtual panel discussion on the recent proposal to add ecocide as the Fifth International Crime, the University of British Columbia (UBC) spoke to our researcher and moderator of the event, Dr. Stavros Pantazopoulous. 

The questions addressed the process of drafting the Ecocide proposal, its challenges, the different insights of the panelists, the expectations from the discussion as well as how would this new definition impact the work of Activists in International Courts. The interviewee highlighted the importance of this proposed definition as a way of opening up novel opportunities to rights advocates for prosecuting the commission of environmental wrongdoing. 

Read the interview here: