Doctoral thesis about progressive inquiry and mobile tools in science teaching

Seppo Salmivirta will defence his thesis about progressive inquiry, mobile tools and science teaching June 17, 2020

Seppo Salmivirta will have the public defense of his PhD thesis on Wednesday June 17th 2020. The title of the thesis is "Progressive Inquiry Learning as a support for science education in a mobile learning environment”. Seppo is a member of the TEDu research group (see his bio in the People page).

The Opponent of the dissertation is Professor Päivi Häkkinen (University of Jyväskylä). The dissertation is in Finnish. Jari Lavonen and Minna Lakkala (who also is from the TEdu research group) have supervised the thesis.

The dissertation is published in Helsinki Studies in Education series and can be downloaded from:

More information about the defence in the faculty events page.