Technology in Education research group consists of postdocs and doctoral students.

See short description of each group member.

Liisa Ilomäki

Ed.D., Docent in Education and Technology, University Researcher

I have been engaged in working with learning, teaching and digital technologies since the mid1980s; first designing educational software, after that, training, supporting and coaching schools and teachers to  use computers in education. Simultaneously I started to participate in research projects. From 2000 I have worked as a researcher at the University of Helsinki, now in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and in Technology in Education research group.

Throughout the years, my research has concentrated in the following themes, at various educational levels:

I have participated in several research and development projects been funded by the European Commission or national sponsors, and I have co-ordinated two European level projects: Knowledge Practices Laboratory (KP-Lab, 2006-2011) and Promoting Knowledge Work Practices in Education (KNORK). Besides research and development work, I have trained teachers and other pedagogical staff at various levels, both invited by the teachers and schools and by participating in training international and Finnish training programs by various organisations.

Liisa Ilomäki's research profile

Minna Lakkala

Ph.D., Docent in Educational Psychology, University researcher

I have a background in general psychology, computer science, and sociology. My research interests include:

In addition to research expertise, I have experience of consultation, teacher training and workplace training in pedagogical methods, community practices and use of digital technology for over 30 years. I also work as a partner and pedagogical expert in a small training company Heuristica Oy.

Minna Lakkala's research profile 

Arja Kangasharju

M.A., Doctoral Student, Teacher at the City of Espoo

My interests lie in the use of ITC teaching tools as a way of supporting pupil’s learning. Currently, I primarily focus on digital literacy. As such, my thesis aims to understand how digital tools can support middle school students’ writing skills. My most recent article (currently under review) concentrates on lower secondary students’ learning to write poetry with Poetry Machine, a co-creative digital tool developed by the CLiC project (Computational Linquistic Creativity).

After originally graduating from the University of Helsinki (MA, 1989) in Finnish language, I began working as a teacher of Finnish language and literature in a vocational institution (from 1989 – 2000), and taught in a middle school in Espoo, Finland.

In December 2017, I began my doctoral studies within the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Arja Kangasharju's research profile

Markku Antinluoma

M.Ed., Doctoral student, Principal at the City of Porvoo

I have since 2014 served as a primary school principal at the Kevätkumpu School in the city of Porvoo. Previously (2007-2015), I worked as a project manager at the former Centre for Continuing Education affiliated to the University of Helsinki.  I was responsible for several school leadership and in-service training programs: Principal as pedagogical leader, Building professional learning communities, The role of ICT in school development and Network development projects. I have completed eLearning expert studies at the University of Applied Sciences and worked as a pedagogical expert in eLearning connected programs and projects. Microsoft awarded me at the Innovative Teacher Forums (Paris and Helsinki) in the category of Innovation in Content (at EMEA event: Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Innovation in Collaboration (at the World Wide event).

Currently, as a Ph.D. student at the Doctoral Programme of School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE), my research interests lie in the area of school leadership and development of learning communities. See Antinluoma et al. (2018).

Markku Antinluoma's research profile

Seppo Salmivirta

M.Ed., Doctoral Studeng, Headmaster in the City of Helsinki

I have worked as primary school headmaster in the City of Helsinki since 2013. Currently, I work at Roihuvuori primary school. Our school is a part of an innovator school group in the City of Helsinki. One of the main focuses of the group is advancing phenomenal learning, which is also one of the key aspects of the current nationwide curriculum.

I also worked earlier for over a decade as an ICT-developer teacher and as a follow-up trainer for teachers employed by the City of Helsinki and by the University of Helsinki. The training was implemented in co-operation with publishers of e-learning materials.

I have started my doctoral studies in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki in 2012. My research interests focus on mobile technology-supported progressive-inquiry learning environments and how they can be used to support science teaching at primary school level and furthermore, which features of learning appear in this specific environment.

Seppos Salmivirta's research profile

Seppo Salmivirta's doctoral thesis 2020 (in Finnish)

Kirsi Korkealehto

M.A., M.Ed. Doctoral Student, Senior Lecturer at HAMK Edu Research Unit

Since 2018 I have been working in Häme University of Applied Sciences, where my duties include national and international development projects regarding pedagogy and digital learning environments in higher education. Previously, I was a language teacher in higher education.

Currently, as a doctoral student in the Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Psy­cho­logy, Learn­ing and Com­mu­nic­a­tion (PsyCo), my research interest focuses on higher education students’ engagement in technology-enhanced language learning and their oral interaction practicing in online learning environments.