Welcome to the PrecaNord conference in Helsinki

The kick-off symposium will take place at the University of Helsinki on August 24th-25th, 2023.

As part of the PrecaNord project, a kick-off symposium will be held in Helsinki on August 24th-25th, 2023. The two-day symposium brings together scholars across different disciplines studying precarious and informal work in the Nordics and beyond.

The symposium seeks to tackle the following questions, but not limited to these: How do welfare states respond to these transformations? What are the effects of the erosion of secure employment on individual workers and communities? In which ways are different labour sectors, labour relations, and labour processes changing? How do intersecting inequalities based on gender, ‘race’, ethnicity, class, migrancy, and so forth structure the everyday of work?  In which novel ways do relations of production and social reproduction intermingle in the contemporary transformations of work? Do the concepts of precarious and informal work capture the changing world of work or should these be re-thought? 

The symposium will include three keynote speakers, Professor Emeritus Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts Armherst, USA) presenting via Zoom, Professor Emeritus Karl Ove Moene (University of Oslo, Norway) and Professor Janine Leschke (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark).

The symposium is on site at the center campus of University of Helsinki and a 50 euro conference fee will cover lunch and refreshments during the conference.

Make sure to check the university’s guide for visitors for more information on accommodation, transport as well as sightseeing in the city.