Grouping study: adjusted learning groups in comprehensive education (VALU)

The VALU project examines the effects of differentiating teaching content in obligatory school and grouping pupils by competency level, as well as the desired and unintended consequences of this policy on learning outcomes differentiation

. The research looks into how grouping pupils by competence level in different subjects can help to increase the competence of some students while also cementing the study path for those who have struggled in studies since primary school.


Kosunen, S., Inkinen, A., Krzywacki, H., & Hienonen, N. (2021). Vaihtuvatko luokat? Joustava ryhmittely matematiikan opetuksessa. FMSERA Journal, 4(2), 4-18.

Team members

Sonja Kosunen

Alina Inkinen

Ninja Hienonen

Heidi Krzywacki