Projects of the School Pedagogy group.


Changing Mindsets about Learning: Connecting Psychological, Educational, and Neuroscientific Evidence

Duration: (1/09/2010 – present)

Funding: Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies

Description: This research is focused on investigating students’, teachers’ and parents’ mindsets related to learning. Our research is motivated by the impact mindsets have been shown to have on students’ school achievement, future orientation and educational choices. In this project we connect psychological, educational, and neuroscientific evidences to construct a Mindset intervention program that will improve students’ learning outcomes.

Leader: Kirsi Tirri

Researchers: Elina Kuusisto, Sonia Laine

Collaborators: Teija Kujala, Petri Nokelainen, Inkeri Rissanen



Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship+

Duration: (1/09/2016-31/08/2019)

Funding: Erasmus

Description: The program actively wants to enhance the cooperation between European universities. The focus is on intensive cooperation between students and teachers. Our intensive program focuses in particular on social, cultural and political dimensions of these developments, on developing a democratic intercultural citizenship.

Project Co-ordinator:

Prof. Wiel Veugelers, University of Humanistic studies, the Netherlands


Prof. Kirsi Tirri, University of Helsinki, Finland ( Researchers: Elina Kuusisto, Nasibeh Hedayati).

Prof. Maria Rosa Buxarrais Estrada, University of Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Ghazala Bhatti, University of Bath Spa, United Kingdom

Dr. Dana Moree, University of Prague, The Czech Republic

Prof. Ivor Goodson, University of Tallinn, Estonia

Dr Anastasia Kesidou, University of Tessaloniki, Greece


Purposeful Teaching

Duration: (1/01/2014 – 31/12/2017)

Funding: The John Templeton Foundation,

Description: In this project, we study goals and methods intended to promote purposeful teaching in different educational contexts. We also examine what factors influence youth purpose development. Our study regarding development of youth purpose is part of a three-year, multinational research study on how educational experiences can help students find a strong sense of purpose for their lives.

Leader: Kirsi Tirri

Researchers: Elina Kuusisto, Niina Manninen, Nasibeh Hedayati

Purposeful Teaching


Teachers' Moral Competence in Pedagogocal Encounters

Duration: (1/09/2011 – Present)

Funding: Different resources including CIMO and Finland Cultural Foundation

Description: The purpose of the project is to examine teachers’ moral competence in pedagogical encounters. We aim at studying what moral competence is.

Leader: Kirsi Tirri

Researchers: Eija Hanhimäki, Elina Kuusisto, Khalil Gholami, Nasibeh Hedayati

Collaborators: Inkeri Rissanen, Petri Nokelainen


Actualizing Giftedness

Description: The project is part of international Olympiad studies. The purpose of the project is to investigate how gifted people in science have actualized their giftedness in their studies and in their professional and personal life. In addition to Olympists we study mathematically gifted special school (Päivölä) students and international Millennium Youth Camp students and their communities.

Leader: Kirsi Tirri

Researchers: Elina Kuusisto, Sonja Laine

Actualizing Giftedness

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