Assessing animal welfare

There is a need to combine single factors affecting animal welfare to scientifically estimate the level of welfare of individual animal and housing unit.

One welfare is a global research field, that highlights the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment.

SAPARO: innovative application to prevent tail biting in pigs

Finland is one of the few countries where pig tails are not docked. Raising pigs with long tails is possible, but tail biting remains a challenge on many farms. Tail biting decreases pig welfare and causes stress, extra work and costs. Tail biting is a consequence of stress experienced by the pigs, and there is no uniform solution to solve the problem on every farm.  The SAPARO-application is a free web-based tool for prevention and monitoring of tail biting on pig farms.


professor Anna Valros,

doctoral researcher Hilkka Koskikallio,

SysPigSys: Estimating sustainability of the pig production farms


professor Anna Valros,

professor Mari Heinonen,


Developing test to measure fur fox-human relationship

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