The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare named link person at the Helsinki University

UFAW (The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare) is an independent international charity promoting animal welfare science worldwide. UFAW publishes scientific Animal welfare journal and organises seminars, both for public and scientific community. Clinical instructor Laura Hänninen, PhD, DVM from the University of Helsinki was named as I as the LINK for Helsinki University.

UFAW originally came into being as a federation of university animal welfare groups (hence its name) and still is  continuing to forge strong links with universities and animal welfare scientists to help raise the profile of science-based approach to animal welfare.

Overseas LINK institutions are eligible to participate in the UFAW animal welfare student scholarship scheme and other UFAW and HSA research scholarships (which otherwise may be limited to UK universities) and submit applications for consideration. At present network has  approximately 70 UK and overseas universities and colleges.

UFAW home page:

UFAW is, for example,  awarding  animal welfare student scholarships for students in animal welfare 

Animal Welfare Student Scholarships (d.l. 28.2.)

- promotes high quality research that is likely to lead to substantial improvements in animal welfare.

Dorothy Sidley Memorial Scholarships (d.l. 28.2.)

- promotes research projects that have a clear relevance to improving the well-being of food animals during transport, marketing, slaughter or killing