Study on disbudding pain relief and designing welfare-friendly housing for pigs got funding

Julia von Wednt - society funded actions for improving farm animal welfare; studies on long-term post-operative pain management in disbudded calves and designing welfare-friendly housing for fattening pigs.

DVM, PhD, Dip. ECAWBM-WSEL  Ann-Helena Hokkanen  and DVM Kati Salla  from the faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Helsinki got 4000 eur  grant for the studying  oral meloxicam for long-term pain relief in disbudded calves.  Hokkanen was awarded with a PhD at 2015 at the University of Helsinki. She studied Hot-Iron disbudding pain in calves - studies on perception of pain and options to increase pain alleviation. Salla is finalizing her PhD on veterinary pharmacology.

Julia von Wendt - society funded also veterinarian  Jaana Pehkonen with 1400 eur to support farmers study visit to Danish pig-farms with outside paddocks for the fattening pigs. Information will be used for designing more welfare-friendly housing systems for pigs in Finland.

More Information:

doctoral student Kati Salla, DVM, tel. 045 1205179 (

PhD, DVM Ann-Helena Hokkanen tel. 0400 489123 (

veterinarian Jaana Pehkonen, (

Marianna Norring, Juliana von Wendt society, p: 050 3246923 (

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