Animal welfare researcher bestowed as honorary doctor

An internationally esteemed Canadian researcher on farm animal behavior, Dr Anne Marie de Passillé has been bestowed as honorary doctor at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine chose to bestow honorary doctorates on ten prominent figures in their own field.

In 1995, Dr. de Passillé, and her husband working in the same field, started collaborating with the researchers of the then new field of science in Finland, the study of animal welfare and behaviour. It is largely due to her that the faculty’s researchers on the subject are today very well connected internationally and active in the scientific community. The teaching, guidance and research collaboration of the faculty with Anne Marie de Passillé has enabled the development of a once minor field of study into one of international renown.

Dr Anne Marie de Passillé has retired from the position of senior researcher at Agri-Food Canada but continues her research work as Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia.