Religion, Conflict and Dialogue

The new multidisciplinary research center Re­li­gion, Con­flict and Dia­logue focuses on aspects of gender in peace, conflict, and religion. Our research offers tools for a multifaceted understanding of religion in conflict and peace, theoretically and practically. The Center seeks research-based solutions for a better understanding of the role of religion in conflict and peace. This includes both constructive and critical approaches. A broad understanding of religion includes expertise in authoritative texts, practices, and ethical and doctrinal teachings of religious traditions. The perspective of lived religion highlights those aspects of religious traditions, which are beyond the formal and authoritative structures of religions. Special emphasis is placed on gender issues, which are central in understanding critically the role of religions in both conflict and peace. Our aim is to combine gender studies, study of religion – including theology – and peace and conflict studies in a balanced way in order to create a truly interdisciplinary approach.